Why Run Virtual?

Race Director

Why Run Virtual? A question some of you might be asking, and rightfully so. With the onset of COVID-19 in March, this racing season has looked different ever since. Many races across the country have now turned to virtual races, and like others, we are gearing up for our 2020 NorthShore Virtual Run in September. 

If you follow us on our Instagram, you may recall, the past few weeks we have been doing a “Why Run Virtual” Series on our Instagram stories. Each week, for six weeks, we have and are going to highlight one reason why you should consider doing a virtual run, and better yet, why you should run our NorthShore Virtual Run! If you want to check out this series on our Instagram, you can follow us at @northshorerun, but don’t worry we are also posting it here, on our blog! And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, here are our six “Why Run Virtual” reasons.

1. Race Wherever You Are 

With our virtual race, all you have to do is choose the course you want to run! No matter the city or state, you can join us from wherever. 

2. Quaranteam 

One great aspect to our virtual race is that you can get your friends (or quaranteam, if you will) to race together! While we can’t be in person this year, you still have the opportunity to be with your friends almost like our normal race day, with proper social distancing, CDC guidance, etc. 

3. No Pressure, Have Fun 

With the virtual race, there is no pressure! Whether you run by yourself, with friends, or your quaranteam, the most important thing is to have fun! And enjoy this unique racing experience we are all going through this year. 

4. You Still Get Swag

Every NorthShore Virtual Run finisher will still receive their 2020 race day swag! A commemorative race day bib, finisher shirt and medal will be mailed to you after completing your race and uploading your finisher time! 

5. Race Where You’re Comfortable

With virtual races, like we’ve mentioned above, you can race wherever you are, and with racing wherever you are, you are able to race where you are comfortable. Whether you are looking to beat your personal record or enjoy a run on an early morning, with virtual races you are able to race where you know and where you’re comfortable! 

6. Great Way To Ease Into Racing

If you are new to the racing world, virtual races are a great way to ease into racing with no pressure! You are on a running course that you’re familiar with, and you are able to enjoy your race without other distractions or fears! 

We hope after all of these “Why Run Virtual” reasons, you might consider running one, or a few virtual races! Our NorthShore Virtual Run is coming up, this September 19th! Join the fun, and register now at www.tempotickets.com/virtualnorthshore2020.