Safer at Home to Active at Home: 4 Ways to Stay Active While Staying Home

Race Director

In the past month the lives of many have been turned upside down and have shifted dramatically. With the onset of the Coronavirus in the United States, almost everything in our daily life is now different. Many can now be found participating in online school, working from home and staying inside their homes. During this time, staying active can be difficult as many gyms and fitness facilities are now closed, but we have four ways you can stay active during this safer at home period.

1. Running And Walking

While many across the country are in a “safer at home” order, we are still able to go outside and participate in outdoor activities. One great way to take advantage of this is to go for a run or walk. Recently, in Minnesota, the snow has been melting, the sun has been shining and the temperatures have been rising, all reading to a great opportunity to do some outdoor running/walking.

2. Online Workout or Online Video

As gym facilities have closed their doors for the time being, many gyms and trainers are now offering workout videos, classes and virtual training that can be done in your own home. In addition to online exercise classes, if you search online for exercise videos you will find a variety of exercise videos for free.  

One studio that is participating in online workouts and classes is Movo Studio, in Duluth, MN. A few days a week, Movo Studio is offering live classes that you can tune into! All you have to do is go to their Facebook, check out what is happening each day and sign up for a class you are interested in. You can also check out their website, Destination Fitness, a local Duluth gym, is also offering live workout classes.  Go to their Facebook page, Destination Fitness, or their website,, to check out some of their videos, and check out your local gym to see if they offer anything similar to these studios and gyms. 

 3. Workout App

While at home, one easy way to still get your workout in is to find a workout app right on your phone. By looking right on your app store, you should be able to find many different workout apps for various training. One great workout app is the Adidas Training app. With this app, there are a variety of features, but they provide great workouts at varying difficulty levels, time lengths and options for those workouts. Another great app on the app store is the 7M Workout app. This app features a multitude of different workouts that are all seven minutes. So whether you’re looking for a quick workout or you want to combine a few of them, they have a lot to offer and you just have to find one that works for you!

4. Create Your Own Workout

Maybe, you’re an individual who prefers to work out on their own or create your own workout at the gym, then this last way of staying active is for you. We all know that there are many single exercise moves you can do on your own, and by putting together a list of some of those you are able to create your own workout. Runner’s World,  provides a number of exercises that can be incorporated into your at home workout. Check out the link here This is a great option for those who cannot make an online class, who do not have gym equipment and want to get a little more creative in their workout. Below is an example of a workout you could create, or put your own spin on.


As we are all staying home for the time being, don’t forget to take time for yourself and workout!